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Hosting is one of the most important aspects of your business. Without a proper server on which to house your business in the form of an online store or informational website, all of your advertising and promotional efforts will be lost. The hosting services can literally put your company into serious jeopardy, and may cause significant monetary loss depending on the time of year. Say, for example, your busiest season is Mother's Day, and the server on which your shopping cart is installed has a hard drive crash the week before. How long will your site be down? When will you be in a position to take orders? In fact, you might miss the season all together if the hosting company is not diligent enough or does not have the financial means to repair the server immediately. And, that is just one of the critical reasons why customers choose ZivvaHosting.com.

Admittedly, our hosting services are expensive, and you can certainly find cheaper prices being advertised all over the internet. Hosting has become one of those types of businesses that everyone starts due to the lure of big money. Individuals calculate how many customers they can obtain at such ridiculously low prices and they depend on the high volume to make their money. Unfortunately, there is rarely any sort of responsible support attached to these services. And, when you finally regret your decision, you realize that it has cost more than you would have spent had you gone with a tailor made solution from ZivvaHosting.com in the beginning. Indeed, every business is different and that is why you need a hosting company that works with you to create the perfect environment. Remember, perfection does not always mean that nothing goes wrong. It also means that the hosting company fixes the problems in an expeditious and efficient manner.

Another critical reason to choose Zivva Hosting is our attention to detail. We own websites and have been involved in the online industry for years. We realize that a hosting account is not just somewhere to park your website files. Hosting is not a storage facility, it is the place that speaks about your reputation when you cannot personally talk to each and every potential customer. As a result, our high quality services include:

  • regular backups of all servers
  • a 24/7 support desk
  • knowledgeable support personnel who jump in quickly when an emergency arises
  • and staff members who are keenly aware of the bigger picture of the internet

For example, will the support department help to install an SSL Certificate, which is needed if you are processing customer payments? Our experience means that you are receiving the best possible services, and indeed, our services come at a price higher than many other companies. But then, the expression, "you get what you pay for" probably suits this situation.

Further, search engines dictate how websites are displayed in their results pages depending on how quickly a page loads, the bounce rate, and how often the pages are down. So for example, if customers are leaving your website because they cannot access certain functions or they do not want to wait for the pages to load, your website can be penalized. What then happens is the potential customer goes back to the search engine to review more results. This activity is documented and the search engine now places a line beside your website that says "do you want to block this website's results?" If the customer says yes, then you have not only lost that person for today, but potentially forever. Plus, do you want the search engine displaying that sort of message to potential clients? What does that imply to customers? Invariably, they assume that something is wrong with your business services. They do not understand that it is a feature of the search engine, and that your cheap or inferior hosting account caused the problem. In fact, you might not even know the problem exists. But, we do, and that is another reason why our services are considered high-end, and are more expensive than other hosting companies.

Moreover, cheaper hosting companies often minimize and limit their services. They decide which services are free or included in the price. For instance, some providers charge extra for MySQL databases. Some charge extra to turn on certain functions on the server. All of these costs add up. What were bargain basement prices are now rather expensive monthly bills, but you still have the bargain basement support. Another excellent example of high quality service is statistics generation. In order to effectively run your business, you need information such as

  • from where your customers came
  • how customers found your website
  • whether or not any of the search engines provided a significant number of customers
  • and whether any other sites contributed to your sales

This information can help you to expand your online presence. Again, we provide this data as part of your total hosting solution package. And, we make sure the data is backed up in case of loss.

Finally, server migration is at best a nuisance and at worst a nightmare. Scripts that operate databases, shopping carts, and other functions of an e-commerce website, do not work the same way on all servers and this is costly if your site is down while you try to sort out the issues. Undoubtedly, at this point, you might be wondering why we would discuss transferring servers at all. The specific reason this is important to your business is that you need to make the right choice the first time around. If you are going to choose a hosting solution based solely on price, what will you lose down the road when the provider shuts down or you tire of the poor quality services? You need to be with a provider that is here is for the long haul, one whose livelihood depends upon performance. That provider is ZivvaHosting.com.

Indeed, we expect that you will conduct your due diligence before entrusting us with your business, but we are confident that after you have finished creating and reviewing your list of pros and cons, you will conclude that ZivvaHosting.com is the right choice.

Recap of Why You Should Choose ZivvaHosting.com:

  • We ensure that your business is active and live no matter the time of day or time of year. Online business is conducted 24/7, in order to meet different time zones. The server needs to accommodate this modern day business fact
  • We have the financial wherewithal to make any necessary repairs and upgrades in a prompt and reasonable time frame
  • We tailor your package according to the needs of your business. Cookie cutters might work nicely for baking, but they are not acceptable when your hard earned dollars are at risk
  • We offer various forms of support that enable our customers to reach us in a timely manner when there are emergencies
  • We understand the subtle intricacies of the internet. As such, we know that a poor operating server can not only cost you money in sales, but can also negatively affect your search engine rankings
  • We complete regular backups of our systems and can help to restore your business in the event of equipment malfunctions
  • We keep your files and business safe by adding the proper security measures to all of our servers
  • We have various statistics programs that can be installed on your account to track information about your website's activities
  • We can install or help with specialty certificates and other aspects of your website


  • 30 Day Money Back
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • 24/7 Quality Support

What our customers say

Thanks for the excellent service! The prices may not the cheapest around, but the services provided were of the highest quality. I'm definitely staying with ZivvaHosting.

Brigitta Dawson - CEO of EggOfSand

For some of our clients, a dedicated server makes no sense. With Zivvahosting, we know they'll let us know and save our clients money, while securing business for themselves in the long run. That just makes sense!

Bert Geens - MD of Inbound.be

In short terms: great service & superb customer support. One of the best I've ever seen, keep up the good work!

Edward Fields - CEO of Edward Fields Inc.

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